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We at BBC News have one thing on our minds above all else in this election - you, the voters. This is your vote and our job is to give you everything you need to make up your mind.

But we need your help to ensure we’re getting it right.

Our journalists up and down the country - whether they’re working to serve local audiences or our national outlets - need to know the issues you care most about, the questions you need us to ask, and the promises and policies you need unspun.

So today we’re launching something new - we’re calling it Your Voice, Your Vote.

It’s an invitation to you to take part in our coverage and help inform our journalism. We work for you and we need to hear from you, not just the politicians.

Your Voice, Your Vote brings together the whole of BBC News as we seek your input, and we need your participation. Your guidance and contributions will feed into our reporting across every part of BBC News - from your valued local BBC news sources to our national programmes and digital outlets.

So please take part - tell us what’s on your mind, send us your questions, and you can even invite us to come and see you to cover the most local issues that matter to you and your community.

We’ll listen carefully to what you tell us and work hard to deliver what you need, so you can make your choice on election day.

Your Voice, Your Vote.

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BBC News presenter Sophie Raworth explains Your Voice, Your Yote

We want to ask you three questions:

  1. What do you think the priorities should be for the new government?

  2. What questions do you have for the new government?

  3. What would you like us to explain?

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What questions do you have for the new government?