Dumped kittens found covered in fly eggs in skip

Three black kittens in front of a bowl of foodImage source, Qays Najm
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The kittens are putting on weight and happily play and groom each other, Mr Garner said

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Three "absolutely adorable" kittens are being cared for at a rescue centre after being found dumped in a skip, covered in fly eggs and possibly suffering from hypothermia.

The siblings were spotted in Lowestoft, Suffolk, on Monday, when the region had been experiencing unseasonably chilly temperatures and prolonged rain.

Andrew Garner at East Coast Pet Rescue in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, who has helped to bring them back to health, said it was unlikely the kittens would have survived if they had not been found.

"If the member of public hadn't spotted them I don't think they'd have lasted much more than 48 hours; purely down to the weather, they'd have died of exposure," he added.

Nothing is known about how the kittens came to be in the skip in Lovewell Road.

After being given the once over by a vet, they were taken in by volunteer Mr Garner, who immediately washed them to remove the fly eggs and an oily residue.

He believes they were beginning to suffer from hypothermia because they were hot to the touch.

"They were very thin, covered in bin juice and very smelly," he said.

"They were also covered in some sort of oily substance, like cooking oil, and in fly eggs; they were miserable looking little things."

Despite being plunged in water for their own good, all three kittens "weren't too stressed" and soon started purring, he added.

They have each put on up to 300g in weight and are happily playing and grooming each other.

"They're now safe, warm and we will find them a fantastic loving forever home," said Mr Garner.

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