Hairdresser regulars have their say on election

Joana Hesse in the hair salon she owns
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Joana Hesse has run Joana's Hair Elite hairdressers for more than 30 years

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Customers visiting a popular hairdressers in Manchester have been having their say on the forthcoming general election.

It is part of the Talking Shop series from BBC North West Tonight, where we aim to find out what thoughts and concerns people have in the run up to the poll.

As part of our coverage, we have been visiting a different high street every week to find out what issues matter most - and this time it was the turn of Joana's Hair Elite hairdressers.

The shop has been a fixture of the Cheetham Hill area of Manchester for more than 30 years.

'Lip service'

The area has sometimes had bad publicity, being known as a hot spot for counterfeit goods production.

But owner Joana Hesse said while it "wasn't so good" in the past, things had picked up and it was a "good community".

She said "most of the shops are occupied now" with new businesses opening, although all her customers were struggling with the cost of living, with some having to rely on foodbanks.

The salon was packed with women, although Ms Hesse said the salon was also popular with men.

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Dionne Litchmore said there was nothing for young people to do in the area

Dionne Litchmore said she worried about the future for young people in the area, which is home to 22,000 people.

"There is nowhere for kids to go," she said.

"There are no community clubs - nothing. They're hanging on the streets getting up to no good."

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Vivian Addo said she worries about affording her bills

Vivian Addo works part time in the hairdressers and is single mother of four.

She is also worried for her children but for different reasons.

She said she fears affording the rises in the cost of living - especially rises in school meal costs.

"I'm thinking, how am I going to meet it?," she said.

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Kelly McDermott said she has been forced to visit food banks

Kelly McDermott is also struggling with the cost of living and said she has had to go to food banks, something she never thought she would do.

"I was a bit stubborn at first in going to them but it just got to a point where I didn't have a choice," she said.

Ms Hesse said this was a familiar story.

"When people sit in the chair this is just all we talk about. Everybody is struggling," she said.

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Samantha Toussaint said she thinks politicians just pay "lip service"

When asked if they trust politicians to sort these issues out, Samantha Toussaint said: "They say they do but then they're not really doing anything.

"I think it is just lip service."

All the women said they would definitely be voting but which party will get their cross in the box remains unclear for now.

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