ABBA star's AI tech warning to music industry

Björn Ulvaeus talks to the BBC during a trip to Bridlington Spa in East Yorkshire
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Björn Ulvaeus has warned the use of artificial intelligence must not come at a cost to human influence

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ABBA superstar Björn Ulvaeus believes artificial intelligence (AI) could lead to "spectacular things" for the music industry but has warned it must not come at a cost to the "human hand".

The 79-year-old made the comments to the BBC ahead of his appearance at a business conference being held at the Bridlington Spa in East Yorkshire on Friday.

The singer-songwriter also gave the thumbs up to the seaside town's fish and chips and revealed his disappointment at not being able to spend more time in the area.

"I planned to rent a car and drive around the north of England, but sadly, I have to go back home," he explained.

In a wide-ranging interview with BBC Look North, the musician said AI will be used to shape the future of his industry.

He said: "It's going to make song-writing different. Whether it's going to be better, I don't know but it's it's going to affect society as a whole.

"It could lead to spectacular things. On the other hand, we have to be very cautious so that it doesn't exclude the human songwriter or producer or artist.

"To be heard through the noise you really have to be very, very good. I think that it takes a human hand to add that extra little percentage needed to achieve a really good song."

'Still amazed'

Opening up on his ABBA career, Mr Ulvaeus described his band as "meticulous" and said he still finds it difficult to understand why they continue to be so popular.

"You can look at numbers and intellectually you understand and you acknowledge it. But emotionally it is very difficult to explain," he added.

"Over the years I've given it so much thought, but I just cannot explain it. I'm reminded of it almost every day and I'm still amazed."

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