Anthony Madu: Viral in Nigeria, ballet in the UK and Calvin Royal

Three years ago, we met 11-year-old Anthony Madu, a Nigerian boy who loved ballet.

From dancing in the streets of Lagos, Anthony went viral on social media and was even seen by Woman King star Viola Davis. From his fame, the "viral boy" earned a dance scholarship in the US.

Now, Anthony Madu has left his family in Lagos and is at a ballet school in Birmingham, UK.

We visited Anthony to see how he's settling in a new country and how his life has changed since we first met him in 2020.

His idol Calvin Royal III even had a message for Anthony.

Produced by: Jenna Abaakouk and Ameer Ahmed

Filmed and edited by: Ameer Ahmed

Additional filming by: Ifiokabasi Ettang and Anne Okumu

Executive producer: Marko Zoric

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