• Scotland face hosts Germany in Euro 2024 opener (20:00 BST)

  • More than 100,00 Scotland fans expected in Munich

  • Scotland playing in major tournament overseas for first time in 26 years

  • Clarke's men bidding to become first Scotland side to progress from group stage of a major finals

  1. Postpublished at 18:02 14 June

    Germany v Scotland (20:00 BST)

    Germany and Scotland fans before the gameImage source, Reuters

    That's all from us on this epic pre-match page, but the build-up to Germany v Scotland doesn't stop, not by any means.

    I'll hand you over to the esteemed Colin Moffat for the event itself - follow all the action live here.

    Less than two hours to go - c'mon Scotland!

  2. Knives could come out for Germany - Honigsteinpublished at 17:53 14 June

    Germany v Scotland (20:00 BST)

    Ilkay Gundogan and Joshua KimmichImage source, Getty Images

    German football journalist Raphael Honigstein tells us more about the hosts: "On one hand, they’re the hosts, it’s Germany, it’s the Euros - they’re expected to win or go very far. Anything below a semi-final will be seen as a disaster.

    "At the same time, because the last few tournaments have been so poor, the pressure isn’t quite as strong and people might be more forgiving to what is a pretty young, inexperienced team.

    "That depends a lot on the manner of performances. If the team is seen otherwise be fighting, working hard, creating chances, then maybe one or two bad results will be excused.

    "If they are lost, devoid of commitment, playing within themselves, then the knives will be out quite quickly."

  3. Famous faces wish Scotland wellpublished at 17:48 14 June

    Germany v Scotland (20:00 BST)

    Media caption,

    Watch the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson predict the tournament opener

  4. Long, long queues at the Munich fan zonepublished at 17:45 14 June

    Graham Fraser
    BBC Scotland News in Munich

    One of the things that is obvious all around the main Munich fan zone is the queues.

    Some fans have told BBC News they have been in a queue for food and drink for three hours.

    Around 25,000 people are here in the Olympiapark ahead of the opening match between Scotland and Germany.

    Queues at fan park
  5. Postpublished at 17:41 14 June

    Germany v Scotland (20:00 BST)

    I'm going to ignore Leanne's realism, and predict 2-0 Scotland.

  6. 'A draw would be best case scenario'published at 17:37 14 June

    Leanne Crichton
    Former Scotland international on BBC Sounds

    The pitch looks incredible, the stadium itself is unbelievable. It'll be something extra special when the Tartan Army arrive.

    I'm really excited. I've been part of it as a player, it feels very different. As a pundit, I feel like I've waited my entire life to be at a men's tournament abroad.

    The players must be feeling that excitement, that anticipation, that buzz. Everybody is ready to go.

    Historically, the big guns start the tournaments slow. There's been a number of early shocks. I don't think it's unrealistic tonight, but it's up to Scotland and how quickly they can find their composure.

    A draw would be best case scenario. I've got real optimism about games two and three.

  7. We're going to party like it's 1999published at 17:32 14 June

    Germany v Scotland (20:00 BST)

    Don Hutchison goalImage source, SNS

    Scotland have played Germany seven times over the years, with Scotland winning just once - a friendly in Bremen in April 1999.

    Everton forward Don Hutchinson scored the winning goal on his first start for Scotland.

    Don HutchinsonImage source, SNS
    Image caption,

    What about that for a Scotland kit?

  8. Top tips for those in Germanypublished at 17:25 14 June

    Germany v Scotland (20:00 BST)

    Media caption,

    Jack Brown gives you his top tips if you are one of the lucky folk heading to Germany

  9. Hopefully we can give Tartan Army a really good time - Gunnpublished at 17:20 14 June

    Germany v Scotland (20:00 BST)

    -Image source, Getty Images

    Scotland goalkeeper Angus Gunn says his side will still be seen as the underdogs at Euro 2024, despite an impressive qualifying campaign with wins over Norway and Spain.

    Gunn insists Scotland will be doing their best to give the travelling supporters more memorable experiences.

    "Before the campaign we expected to go out in every game, give our best and see what happens," he told BBC's Scottish Football Podcast.

    "Not many people expected us to go through the group so comfortably and from our point of view, that was probably a good thing, being the underdog.

    "I think we're probably going to be the underdog again.

    "We're looking forward to it, and there'll be thousands of Scots going over to Germany, so hopefully we can give them a really good time."

  10. Fan park fullpublished at 17:15 14 June

    Angus Cochrane
    BBC Scotland News

    German fans

    The Olympiapark fan zone in Munich is now officially full, it has been announced on stage.

    There is still a party atmosphere inside three hours before kick off, where Scots no longer outnumber Germans so heavily.

    Much of that talk among fans is the extremely long waits for food and drink.

    Some people say they’ve waited for two or even three hours in queues.

  11. Postpublished at 17:10 14 June

    Germany v Scotland (20:00 BST)

    A quirk of Scotland's Euros goalscorers over the years is that they've all been Mc-something.

    Paul McStay, Brian McLair, Gary McAllister, Ally McCoist and Callum McGregor.

    Will John McGinn or Scott McTominay add to that list tonight?

    Media caption,

    Watch Scotland's five Euros goals from over the years

  12. Postpublished at 17:05 14 June

    Germany v Scotland (20:00 BST)

    Surely that's just the first 11 names in the squad? Right?

  13. The team is outpublished at 17:03 14 June

    Scott Mullen
    BBC Scotland at the Allianz Arena

    ...or is it?

    Settling into my seat in the sky at the Allianz, a glance to the screen to see us playing two strikers makes me feel a tad dizzy.

    I'll say this is a dummy run. If not, you heard it here first.

    screenImage source, Scott Mullen
  14. 🚨published at 17:00 14 June

    Germany v Scotland (20:00 BST)

    Three hours to go!!

    Nearly there now, folks.

  15. 'I'd just love a Scotland goal'published at 16:56 14 June

    Germany v Scotland (20:00 BST)

    Plenty of Scotland fans that don't have tickets for this evening have still travelled to Germany to soak up the atmosphere and cheer on Steve Clarke's side.

    Graham Smith (far left) is in Munich with friends and his wife CJ. He has tickets for the games against Switzerland in Cologne and Hungary in Stuttgart, but is watching the tournament opener from a fan park.

    "It’s class," he said. "Such a good atmosphere.

    "I'll say 2-1; I’ll let you decide who to. I’d love to just see a Scotland goal."

    Scotland fans soaking up the atmosphere in Munich
  16. Stage is setpublished at 16:51 14 June

    Tom English
    BBC Scotland's chief sports writer

    Glorious evening in Munich. The thousands are approaching, the atmosphere is rising.

  17. Thousands sing 'We'll be coming down the road' in fan parkpublished at 16:46 14 June

    Graham Fraser
    BBC Scotland News in Munich

    'We'll be coming down the road' - a big favourite of the Tartan Army - sounded magnificent as thousands of Scotland fans in the Olympiapark in Munich joined singer Ted Christopher.

    I'm sure the German fans were singing along too.

    Media caption,

    Thousands of Scotland fans sing 'We'll be coming down the road'

  18. Dykes sends good luck message to his team-matespublished at 16:42 14 June

    Germany v Scotland (20:00 BST)

    Lyndon DykesImage source, Getty Images

    Scotland striker Lyndon Dykes has posted a good luck messages to his team-mates on Instagram.

    The big man would likely be playing a part tonight had he not picked up an injury a few weeks ago in training, but he is in Germany and has been pictured in camp with the squad.

    "Come on the boys" is the message from the QPR forward.

  19. Postpublished at 16:38 14 June

    Germany v Scotland (20:00 BST)

    That's not exactly in the cheerful, pre-tournament spirit, is it Colin?

  20. 'I'm hoping for a miserable 0-0'published at 16:34 14 June

    Germany v Scotland (20:00 BST)

    Colin HendryImage source, Getty Images

    Colin Hendry was the last Scotland captain to lead his country in a tournament curtain-raiser, as Scotland lost 2-1 to Brazil in the 1998 World Cup, and says it was the "greatest honour" of his career.

    Hendry says he is expecting a tense and drab game this evening, and thinks Scotland will be targeting the other two games in their group, against Hungary and Switzerland.

    "The honour of it was the greatest I ever had," he said. "I felt the captain's job was more on the pitch than off it. You play as you lead. I would have liked to have said that’s how I played my game and how I captained my country.

    “I’m hoping for a droll, miserable 0-0 or a 1-0 Scotland win. Sorry to everyone thinking it’ll be a great game. Notoriously, the opening games don’t hold a lot of excitement.

    “I’m hoping for a poor game where we get a point to take into the next two games, which are very winnable.”