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  1. 'Great to see Coleman back at Sligo' but 'another miserable season beckons'published at 13:27 20 July

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    Seamus Coleman in action for Everton against Sligo RoversImage source, Getty Images

    We asked for your views on Everton's 3-3 friendly draw at Sligo Rovers.

    Here are some of your responses:

    Michael: Really don't understand the point of this as a sporting event. It was great to see Seamus Coleman coming back to his old club but that's about it. Jenson Metcalfe was probably the best player on show but under Sean Dyche we probably won't see him again all season. Very poor performance when you consider Sligo were playing their reserves!

    Andy: Just seeing the likes of Mason Holgate and Neal Maupay playing in the royal blue shirt again only compounded the misery for me after the takeover collapse. Another miserable season beckons, I feel.

    Daire: I was at the game. That first half was one of the worst halves of football I've ever seen. My Sunday league team would have played better. The second half was a lot brighter, though. I have to single out Jack Harrison, Youssef Chermiti and Ilman Ndiaye for great performances - but we should have played better.

    Bill: Typical pre-season. mix of youngsters and first-team squad. Lots of missed chances by Everton and Sligo took everything that fell their way. Two sets of 11s in each half that will never play a competitive game together. Sligo put up an excellent display as well. Everyone entertained.

    Stu: I know it’s only a friendly, but is going to be another long season, isn't it? Ho hum.

  2. Full-time: Sligo Rovers 3-3 Evertonpublished at 18:06 19 July

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    Everton fought back from 3-1 down as they opened their pre-season campaign with a 3-3 draw away at Sligo Rovers.

    Mason Holgate scored the Toffees' first goal, before a late brace from Youssef Chermiti.

    What did you learn from this first game back?

    Let us know your thoughts, external

  3. Liverpool lose pre-season friendlypublished at 17:41 19 July

    Harvey Elliot in action during pre-season friendly against Preston North EndImage source, Getty Images

    Liverpool were edged out 1-0 by Championship side Preston North End in a behind-closed-doors pre-season friendly at the club's training centre on Friday.

    The Reds had several chances with the likes of Ben Doak, Mohamed Salah and Harevy Elliot going close.

    But against the run of play, just shy of the half-hour mark, it was the visitors who found the net after Robbie Brady stole possession and clipped a long range effort over Vitezslav Jaros.

    Arne Sot gave minutes to 25 players in the match and the teams attention now turns to towards their three-match tour of the USA, which begins on Tuesday with their first game against Real Betis taking place on 27 July.

  4. 'Nightmare continues' and 'fans deserve better'published at 16:51 19 July

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    With the news on Friday that takeover talks with potential buyers Friedkin Group fell through, we are asked you to have your say on the situation and Everton's future.

    Here are a selection of your comments:

    James: It's very disappointing but with the amount of debt that Everton are accruing maybe Moshiri will have to lower his asking price. Looks like 777 were the wrong investors to get involved with in the first place. Who else would want buy the club whilst 777 are involved?

    Spider: It's a little bit of a concern. Until they resolve the 777 problem, will anyone want to buy our club? We must remember, however, we have an amazing new stadium next season, the best supporters in the world and manager and team that in my opinion is going in the right direction. The people's club.

    Jon: The nightmare continues -777 were always a risk everyone seemed to know about but Mr Moshiri. A proud history being devalued by people you can't trust to buy some groceries.

    Dave: The mismanagement of EFC before and especially after Farhad Moshiri had taken over is the reason our club is in such a mess. The Friedkin Group are a reputable group, so if they see as too much of a risk, who out there would do what they won't? It's a disaster and I struggle to see a permanent fix right now. Moshiri has a lot to answer for and he needs to do so.

    John: Terrified to be honest, who else is going to come in now knowing the inherited problems of the loan from 777? Also really worrying that we are relying on Moshiri to get us through this.

    Carter: The more it keeps on happening, the worse it seems and the worse we look. I fully believe that Dyche took us forward last season and without the drama and stress of our points deductions, the 48 points we earned would have been closer to, or even over 60. We don't need more things getting in our way, the job is hard enough. The future? What future?

    Simon: Everton fans deserve better... It's as simple as that.

  5. 'Many supporters have a feeling of dread again'published at 13:59 19 July

    Giulia Bould
    BBC Radio Merseyside reporter

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    After what has been a positive few weeks for Everton fans with some early business in the transfer window, fending off low offers for Jarrad Branthwaite and a successful pre-season in Ireland, you can understand why many supporters have a feeling of dread again.

    The news the Friedkin Group's takeover is off has shocked many because the American investors had already paid off a loan of £200m.

    My understanding is the issue lies with the money 777 put into the Blues during their failed takeover.

    After missing deadlines to complete the deal and then news a number of lawsuits against them were being made, the Miami-based consortium stepped away last month.

    It is those lawsuits that the Friedkin Group feel are too big of an issue to resolve right now and Everton are back on the market.

    If you want to look for the positives, their loan means the new stadium on Liverpool's waterfront is funded and construction will complete at the end of this year.

    I also understand it means currently there's no financial uncertainty at the club, with the stance on Branthwaite unchanged so there won't be a fire sale and the wider transfer plans remain the same with incomings still likely in the next 10 days.

    But it isn't ideal with a pre-season friendly on Friday against Sligo Rovers meaning manager Sean Dyche will face the media for the first time since the summer break and will again be asked a lot of questions about the ownership saga rather than his plans for the new season.

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  6. 'It is a set back but Everton is still a very attractive proposition'published at 12:19 19 July

    General view outside Goodison Park of Everton badgeImage source, Getty Images

    Football finance expert Kieran Maguire has been discussing the news of Everton takeover talks with Friedkin Group being called off on BBC Radio Radio 5 live: "The Friedkin group was doing its due diligence into the finances of Everton and they had reservations with regards to some of the outstanding loans.

    "They were hoping some of the lenders would take a reduction in what was owed to them. One of the lenders, 777, they have quite a complicated backstory and Friedkin took the view that it was becoming to complex and risky from their point of view.

    "They were going to inherit some huge amounts of debt and if they couldn't guarantee some of the lenders were going to cut back on what was owed they felt it wasn't a worthwhile deal to go ahead with.

    "The main concern will be on an operational level and making sure the commitments to the new stadium are met, and there are still some substantial amounts outstanding in terms of continuing to build the stadium so contractors will be monitoring things very closely.

    "The potential owners, the Friedkin Group, had put in around £200m themselves as they had effectively paid off some exiting debts, so what they will want to do with regards to their investment to date we will have to monitor.

    "It is a set back but Everton is still a very attractive proposition if the right price can be agreed for the club."

  7. What next for Everton?published at 12:19 19 July

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    So, Everton's talks with the Friedkin Group over a takeover of the club have been called off after the two parties failed to reach an agreement.

    The Friedkin Group, which also owns Serie A club Roma, had agreed a deal in principle to buy the Toffees in June.

    How concerned are you by the club's position? What do you think will happen?

    Tell us here, external

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  8. 'It's back to square one' for Moshiripublished at 12:06 19 July

    Shamoon Hafez
    BBC Sport football news reporter

    Farhad MoshiriImage source, Getty Images

    The Friedkin Group seemed like being the latest saviours of the Toffees but talks have fallen apart and they informed owner Farhad Moshiri of their desire to pull the plug on the deal on Thursday.

    BBC Sport understands the major stumbling block has been a situation involving previous prospective buyer 777 Partners, whose proposed takeover plan had been backed by funding from financial insurers A-Cap.

    The 777 group loaned Everton £200m during their attempt to take over and the issue was not paying that off, but the legal action that 777 faces in the US.

    They go into 2024-25 with renewed vigour in, what will be, a season of celebration during the club's final games at Goodison Park before moving into their new home on Bramley-Moore Dock.

    Friedkin Group did not know how long this would last for, was unclear about who was in charge of the loan, and was wary of any potential risk, so it decided to walk away rather than wait for the issues to be resolved.

    Now The Friedkin Group have become the latest creditor to the club after lending them £200m during their short period in trying to purchase Everton.

    For Moshiri, it's back to square one as he seeks to find another buyer.

  9. 'It is a special club full of hardworking and honest people'published at 11:31 19 July

    Seamus Coleman applauds Everton fansImage source, Getty Images

    Seamus Coleman has become an Everton mainstay, amassing 422 appearances in all competitions and has the honour of being the club's longest-serving Premier League player, featuring 364 times in the top flight.

    He cost the Toffees £60,000 - a fee that works out at £142 a game.

    Despite the churn of players and managers during his time at the club, serving 11 different bosses, Coleman remains – at the age of 35 – the first-choice pick at right-back when fit.

    The team has battled against relegation in recent seasons, a period which Coleman describes as being "tough for everyone".

    "It is a special club full of hardworking and honest people like the fans," he says. "There are times when it is tough and they tell you the home truths but don't we all need that sometimes?

    “I think I have been very fortunate that I didn't leave the city and I am very grateful that I didn't.

    "It wasn't until we had the last two or three years that I did fully realise and understand how massive this football club is to the people.

    "I know it sounds extreme but the people I have seen and talked to, they live for Everton. That is what gets them out of bed on a morning."

    Read more from Coleman as Everton face the captain's former club

  10. Do clubs actually play more games?published at 11:11 19 July

    Injured Premier League footballerImage source, Getty Images

    It seems inevitable a host of Premier League managers will point to fixture congestion in the months to come.

    When injuries mount, or when time on the training ground is squeezed, coaches often reference the intense nature of the calendar.

    But research conducted by the respected CIES Football Observatory has delivered data which shows clubs are - on average - not playing more competitive games than they have in the last couple of decades.

    The CIES looked at 677 clubs across 40 leagues. In looking at a period from 2012 to 2024, its findings show in 2023-24, the average club played 42.4 competitive matches. In 2014-15 that figure was 42.6 and in 2020-21 it hit 43.9.

    And if focus is placed on sides competing in the Champions League, data gathered between 2000 and 2024 also shows sides are not setting fixture records in the current game, as some managers may like to loosely imply.

    In looking at the five major European Leagues, the CIES claim Champions League competitors played an average of 50.8 matches last season.

    In 2020-21 they averaged 57.9 and in 2002-03 they contested 55.2.

    Manchester United played in 52 competitive games last season, down from highs of 71 in 2020-21 and 66 in 2008-09.

    Across all of the clubs analysed, only 4% played more than 60 games last season. In 2012-13, the figure stood at 5.1%.

    While clubs may play added friendlies and - it would be fair to say - individual matches tend to be longer given increased injury time in the current game, the data shows that competitive fixture numbers are flat or have in most cases fallen, even if disgruntled managers say otherwise.

    The full study is here, external