• Wet outfield means no play is possible in Florida

  • USA reach Super 8s but Ireland eliminated along with Pakistan & Canada

  1. Goodbyepublished at 18:45 14 June

    Well, that's a shame - it would have been nice to see qualification decided on the field.

    Here's our story about today's abandonment, we'll see you tomorrow for four more games, starting with South Africa v Nepal at 00:30 BST.

    Meanwhile we've got commentaries from eight T20 Blast games going on here.

    Have a good evening.

  2. Irish cricketers 'aghast'published at 18:33 14 June

    Andrew Leonard
    Irish cricket commentator on BBC Sounds

    I imagine it is going to be the most forlorn Irish dressing room, this is not indicative of where Irish cricket is at by any stretch of the imagination.

    They'll be aghast the Irish cricketers, 10 really poor overs against Canada means that Ireland's Supers 8s dreams are dashed.

  3. Match abandonedpublished at 18:33 14 June

    Yep, tipping it down now and the match has been called off.

    Both sides take a point each, but it's not enough for Ireland (or Canada and Pakistan) - they can no longer qualify for the Super 8s. The United States progress alongside India from this group.

  4. Postpublished at 18:31 14 June

    TMS's Alex Hartley has been outside and says there's rain and thunder not all that far from the stadium.

    Pakistan, Canada and Ireland's chances of qualification are almost definitely set to be snuffed out. Meanwhile the United States are set to make the second stage in their first T20 World Cup.

  5. Postpublished at 18:28 14 June

    Oh no.

    The covers are being pulled back onto the pitch. The TMS team are talking of a lightning alert - this cloud may have done for us.

  6. 'Dark clouds gathering'published at 18:27 14 June

    Andrew Leonard
    Irish cricket commentator on BBC Sounds

    Ireland don't look happy and now I think we'll see the final decision here in the dressing room where the match officials have gathered.

    There are dark clouds gathering oh dear, this is torture!

  7. Postpublished at 18:26 14 June

    The spider-cam is now following the umpires as they walk into the pavilion.

    I'm all in on this level of technology being used to monitor some middle-aged men wandering around a largely empty stadium.

    Deploy the camera drones, utilise the satellites. Rod Tucker must be monitored, no expense spared.

  8. Postpublished at 18:24 14 June

    We also have a rather dark cloud hovering over one side of the ground.

    There hasn't been any rain since the original match start time of 15:30 BST, but if that cloud breaks it's end game.

  9. Postpublished at 18:22 14 June

    As an aside, when Watford were promoted from the then First Division in 1999, their late charge to the play-offs was in part credited to a mysterious sports psychologist who lurked in the dug-out, always wearing a pink shirt.

    To this day, "Pink Shirt" is a minor deity in south west Hertfordshire.

  10. Umpire watchpublished at 18:19 14 June

    I come with an exciting update.

    The umpires are out again... and all three are wearing their pink shirts.

    Previously Rod Tucker was the only umpire wearing his pink shirt, now both his colleagues have shed their grey polos and donned their pink long sleeve.

    What could this mean?

    I am determined to find out - we're flying everyone out to Florida. Expect no further news out of the BBC this evening, we're all in on the pink shirt investigation.

  11. Postpublished at 18:10 14 June

    Andrew Leonard
    Irish cricket commentator on BBC Sounds

    The most ominous sign from an Irish perspective is there's not a single player to be seen. We've seven minutes from the next inspection and none of the usual signs of activity.

  12. 'Still so wet'published at 18:05 14 June

    Alex Hartley
    Former England bowler on BBC Sounds

    It is still so, so wet, you can see the water coming off the surface, but they're doing their best to try and clear it.

  13. Pitch inspection at 18:15 BSTpublished at 17:42 14 June

    Anyway, they're going to have another go in half an hour.

    The umpires will be pretty desperate to get a game on if they can - cancelling would automatically see Ireland, Canada and Pakistan go out.

  14. Postpublished at 17:40 14 June

    Not to be outdone, a man who I'm 80% sure is Chris Gaffaney tries a single foot lunge, he's really putting some pressure on the outfield there.

    A maverick umpire might try a forward roll, assess the dampness of the grass by the moistness of their polo shirt.

    But we only witness such sporting audacity a few times in a generation.

  15. Postpublished at 17:37 14 June

    He's got an umbrella, inspection fans. He could give the turf a deeper prod with the tip.


  16. Postpublished at 17:34 14 June

    In lieu of any sporting action, I might analyse their pitch prodding technique.

    Rod Tucker tries a single foot poke, followed by a feet together heel raise.

    This textbook inspection from Tucker, very much a master of the art.

  17. Umpire watchpublished at 17:31 14 June

    The umpires are on the move.


    The umpires are on the move.

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  19. 'Sunshine has disappeared'published at 17:18 14 June

    USA v Ireland

    Andrew Leonard
    Irish cricket commentator on BBC Sounds

    The ominous thing I would say is the sunshine we had has disappeared behind a dark cloud.

  20. Postpublished at 17:04 14 June

    Incidentally, the sheer amount of water that the sopper is still picking up, despite several hours without any rain, suggests the outfield is still pretty wet.