Rodgers set for London return in 2024 NFL season

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Aaron Rodgers played for the Green Bay Packers at Tottenham in 2022 as they lost 27-22 against the New York Giants

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Aaron Rodgers, the NFL's four-time Most Valuable Player, is set to return to play in London as part of the 2024 season's international series.

Rodgers, 40, made his first international appearance with the Green Bay Packers in 2022.

The veteran quarterback could be back at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on 6 October when his New York Jets team face the Minnesota Vikings.

For the second year running, the Jacksonville Jaguars will play two international games and the New England Patriots will return to London for the first time since 2012.

The Jaguars will face the Chicago Bears at Tottenham on 13 October before 'hosting' the Patriots at Wembley on 20 October.

The Jaguars have played in each London series since 2013 and last year became the first NFL team to play two regular-season games outside the USA in the same season, beating the Atlanta Falcons and the Buffalo Bills on consecutive Sundays.

Rodgers is one of three active players to be named MVP, along with Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson. The only player to win the award more times than Rodgers is Peyton Manning with five.

Rodgers spent 18 seasons with Green Bay before joining the Jets last April, although the 2011 Super Bowl winner sustained a season-ending injury in his first game.

The Packers became the 32nd and last NFL team to play in London since the international series began in 2007, although Rodgers was unable to stop them losing 27-22 to the New York Giants in 2022.

"Three years ago fans here might have feared they would never see Aaron Rodgers play in the UK, so to have him back is such an exciting prospect," NFL UK's general manager Henry Hodgson told BBC Sport.

The Giants are heading overseas again this season having been confirmed as the opponents for the Carolina Panthers in Munich.

There will be five international games played this season, with the NFL staging a regular-season game in Brazil for the first time on the opening weekend.

The second London game will feature the number one draft picks from 2021 and this year go head-to-head.

"We've got teams coming over that have great support across the UK and Ireland, and the rest of Europe, and some superstars coming with them," Hodgson added.

"We've seen Trevor Lawrence a few times now in the UK - he's such an exciting player - and Caleb Williams might be the most exciting quarterback to come out of the draft since Trevor Lawrence, so that should be a great match-up."

If an NFL franchise were to relocate to the UK, the Jaguars were seen as the most likely option.

The Florida-based team have now agreed a 30-year lease on a new stadium worth $1.4bn, which includes a non-relocation clause but also a commitment to continue playing one home game a year in London.

NFL international games 2024

  • Friday, 6 September - Green Bay Packers v Philadelphia Eagles (Sao Paulo)

  • Sunday, 6 October - New York Jets v Minnesota Vikings (Tottenham, London)

  • Sunday, 13 October - Jacksonville Jaguars v Chicago Bears (Tottenham, London)

  • Sunday, 20 October - New England Patriots v Jacksonville Jaguars (Wembley, London)

  • Sunday, 10 November - New York Giants v Carolina Panthers (Munich)

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